• Are MTechs eligible/Are BSc students eligible/Are final year BTech students eligible?

No. BTech/BE/integrated MSc students/MSc students who would have done two semesters before summer 2018 and have atleast a semester remaining after summer 2018 are ONLY eligible.

  • What is a research statement? Where to upload it?

You need to mention your motivation of doing research, any research background, and areas of interest. It need not mention the specific project you are applying since you may be applying to several projects. Attach it along with resume or transcript.

  • I have applied for another summer internship program at IITR. Can I apply for SPARK? What is the difference from other programs?

You need to make a separate application for SPARK. SPARK fellows get stipend and there is no bench fees charged except hostel and mess charges.

  • What is a transcript? OR I have not got marksheets yet, what to do?

We need marksheet of all semesters that you studied in the current degree (NOT previous degrees) and for which marksheets are available. The marksheet need not be attested, you can include a soft copy/screenshot that can be verified later, if you are selected. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications of those students who do not have marksheets of any semester of current degree declared before Feb 28.

  • Will I get an acknowledgment? What does the status mean?

Currently, we do not have the acknowledgment feature. If files have been uploaded and at least one priority of faculty is set, your application is considered submitted. Decision on application will come on or after 15th March.

  • When will summer internship be held? Can I take leave in between?

Internship should preferably be of 8 weeks or more, but not less than 6 weeks in any case. IITR students can start immediately after the ETE. Other students should come during the summer vacation scheduled between 11th May-12th July. Leave is not permitted during internship.

  • Why the CGPA criteria cannot be relaxed? OR I am CGPA 6 but I have great research credentials; why you do not consider me? OR Is CGPA everything? OR why my institute is not listed along with IITs or NITs?

The minimum CGPA criteria is a policy issue and CANNOT be relaxed this year. All your suggestions are however well received and we will deliberate over this again after this years program.

  • How are you going to select students?

Selection committee will look at all your credentials based on the information provided and make decision. We cannot entertain requests for more information.

  • My files are not being uploaded? OR I cannot see files after uploading?

First check the size restrictions, prefer pdf file size less then 300 kB and max 500 kB. There are online tools available to reduce picture sizes if needed. Let us know by email or on portal if you have followed the instructions and yet not able to upload/view files.

  • How to convert % to cgpa?

Follow the usual practice of your institute, if thry have a guideline in this regard. Otherwise divide % by 10.

  • There is no submit button.

  • How to convert % to cgpa?

Follow the usual practice of your institute, if thry have a guideline in this regard. Otherwise divide % by 10.

  • There is no submit button.

Once you submit documents and set priorities, applications are considered submitted. Please make sure before uploading files as the files cannot be changed.

  • I am having problems uploading files.

Please read the instructions on portal carefully and follow the given format. You will not be able to change once uploaded. If you want to change complaint us through complaint box given on your portal.

  • I have set the priority but it is not reflected in the applied project tab.

Please, Refresh the page.

  • What will be the criteria of selection?

Selection criteria will be determined by selection committee and cannot be disclosed.

  • What is a transcript?

Submit the marksheets of the course you are studying. Add your research statement in the same file.